I'm Talha Kerpicci. I live in Istanbul, Turkey, where I build cool stuff.

Hey there! My name is Talha Kerpicci. I'm currently working at Borda Technology as a Flutter Developer.

I began my coding journey with C#, developing various desktop applications. This led me to explore the Unity Game Engine later in my journey.

Later, my interest in Python guided me towards web scraping, and I built some useful tools that I use regularly. As I ventured further into the Python ecosystem, I adopted Flask to design backend solutions, providing a robust foundation for my applications.

Wanting to dive into mobile app development, I learned Flutter and have since created a range of apps, including one I'm particularly proud of, Simple Library.

Now, I'm delving into Go, aiming to work on the backend side of things. My current project is an app named Movie Paradise.

Outside of coding, I'm passionate about Linux and the open-source community. I'm always keen to learn and grow in both programming and Linux. Oh, and I use Arch btw =)


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